Copy Protecting Moodle

Copy Protection For Moodle

No Moodle plugin will ever stop copy on its own, which is why all Moodle copy protect plugins are useless except for the CopySafe plugins. The difference is that CopySafe plugins are merely a tool to make it easier for site owners to use real copy protection software that can interact at system level where copy needs to be actioned.

The following solutions are available:

ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS)

ASPS provides the most secure web browser environment imaginable, protecting all types of media from absolutely every copy exploit ever devised. It is the most secure copy protection solution for web pages and much better than CopySafe Web because while CopySafe solutions require Windows, ASPS is supported on all OS and devices including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Click for more info on ASPS Site Protection.

CopySafe PDF

CopySafe PDF is by far the most secure solution for eBooks and PDF documents. With the most effective protection from all methods of copy and capture, plus total control management over your readers, you now have the perfect tool for protecting mission critical data and your livelihood.

CopySafe PDF provides the best PDF protection because neither a document's content nor its passwords can be extracted or expiration be thwarted like with normal PDF readers. In fact when comparing CopySafe PDF to other "PDF protect" solutions one can wonder why they bother mentioning 'copy protection" at all when theirs is either so weak or non-existent. One only has to perform a web search on "extract PDF password" or "remove DRM from PDF" to realize how unsecured they really are. Click for more info on Protecting PDF and Ebooks.

CopySafe Video

CopySafe Video is the most robust and most effective video protection solution that provides real protection from all copy and capture including PrintScreen and screen recording. It provides copy protected video for desktop viewing as well as online viewing on your web pages. In fact it is the only video protection solution, that is safe from all copy, that can be displayed on web pages while viewed in a web browser. Click for more info on Protecting Video.

CopySafe Web

CopySafe Web is a most unique copy protection solution that is supported in all Windows computers across all web browsers. It's unique because it not only works in all popular web browsers across all Windows OS since Windows XP, but it provides protection from all types of copy including PrintScreen and wait for it... all screen capture software and recording. Another unique feature of CopySafe Web is that copy protection can be applied to absolutely nay web page regardless of programming language or server type, and it will protect any and all media that can be displayed on a web page including Flash, PDF and video. Click for more info on Protecting Web Pages.

Free Moodle Plugins

ArtistScope provides a range of FREE plugins for web developers and site owners to add copy protected media to their Moodle web pages. Click for the Free Moodle plugins.

ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is now supported on all OS and devices!

The CopySafe solutions provide the most secure copy protection for inmages, PDF and video, but a Windows conmputer is required to view the content. ASPS began as a Windows only solution but now that the ArtisBrowser is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Andoid and iOS, ASPS is the now best all round copy protection solution for online content, and the one solution most securely protects all media... anything displayed on the page is copy protected from all avenues of exploit!

Not only is the copy protection more secure due to ASPS creating a secure tunnel between website and the user's browser, it is much easier for site admins and tutors to use. Media is no longer required to be encrypted prior to upload and specially embedded onto pages. Now pages to be protected can be simply nominated from the settings page for the ASPS Tag Management plugin. Simply include keywords like "lesson, course, etc" for ASPS copy protection to be triggered for all pages including those keywords.

For more infrmation about ASPS, please visit the ArtistScope Site Protection page at