CopySafe Web Demo

CopySafe Web encrypted images cannot be saved or captured. Nor can they be downloaded from their source location.
Display full sized images, or simply add a small image to apply copy protection to any media displayed on the same page, such as video, animations, etc.
[copysafe name='amazon600_0600_0429_C.class' border='0' border_color='000000' key_safe='0' capture_safe='1' menu_safe='0' remote_safe='0' text_color='FFFFFF' loading_message='Image loading...' hyperlink='' target='_top' width='600' height='429']
The image above is a CopySafe Web encrypted image. When it loads it will add a layer of protection to all content on this page, preventing PrintScreen and screen capture. The image itself, even if one was to download the file, cannot be displayed from anywhere except on this web page and on this web site. It is domain locked.
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