CopySafe Web Protectiion

Web pages can be protected by using either CopySafe Web or the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS). However ASPS is very much more secure because it does not rely on normal web browsers that have been purposely designed to expose web content.

CopySafe Web Protection

CopySafe Web provides the most secure copy protection for images because with image encryption and domain lock, your images are safe even from your staff and web master, and while on display they are protected from all methods of copy including Print Screen and screen capture software. The CopySafe Web plugin is the only method that can prevent screen capture. Other solutions promising grab protection are either only disabling hot keys or are just trying to detect some known capture programs. Such tricks may fool naive and unwary visitors, but anyone renaming the executable of any screen capture program will be free to copy as they please. Click for more info on CopySafe Web Protection.

The ArtisBrowser

The protection provided for web content by the ArtisBrowser in comparison to every other web browser is incomparable because popular web browsers are designed for the very opposite of roles by exposing web content to every means and device for copying known to man. ASPS provides the best solution for copy protecting all web content:

  • Prevents download and save of web pages, html and their content.
  • Prevents PrintScreen , screen capture and screen recording.
  • Prevents media and image downloaders from obtaining links.
  • Prevents all data leakage and protects database records.
  • Protects all web page media including Flash, PDF and video.
  • Delivers all web requests and responses using the strongest encryption.
  • Supports all web applications, scripting languages and SSL.
  • Supports easy integration with any third party CSS or DRM solution.
  • No special treatment required for any media (no encryption required).

ASPS can provide the most secure copy protection imaginable, securing any media, data and links that can be displayed on your web pages. Whether a website uses plain HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, .Net, Sharepoint or ColdFusion, ASPS will allow the server to assemble your web page on the fly, then encrypt it for delivery in such a way that only the ArtistScope Web Browser can interpret.

Click for more info on the ArtisBrowser.
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