CopySafe PDF Protection

The Most Secure Protection for eBooks and PDF

Ebook security can mean many different things and eBooks can be protected in many different ways. For authors distributing eBooks online after a successful sale, their eBook protection can be as simple as restricting access to the complete eBook until it is purchased, and only providing a sample or excerpt until then. That way their eBook is protected from the public, however it is not protected from sharing with others who have not paid for it.

Another method of protecting eBooks is by forcing the user to read them online. Many eBooks and comics are protected this way and after purchasing the right to read then, a user then has to log into a web site and read their eBook or comic via a Flash reader which only works from that particular web site. The obvious drawbacks with this method is that while suffering the inconvenience of having to read online, and usually from a web site plastered with ads, it doesn't prevent a user from sharing their login details with all of their friends. Another drawback with Flash viewers is that they can be decompiled very easily, and a recent survey of sites using Flash protection for eBooks shows that most of them can be circumvented by getting the direct link to the eBook's Flash file from the web page's source view.

For a viewing arrangement offline eBooks can be protected by password and expiration, however now we are talking about protection methods that require a proprietary reader, otherwise the eBook won't be protected. For example it is pointless assigning any protection to an eBook if it can still be opened by generic eBook readers, and eBook readers do get very generalized. To make the same eBook readable in viewers on many different devices like tablets, mobile phones and computers, each using a variety of different platforms based on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems, a lot of compromises have to be made. Authors wishing their eBook to be readable on all of these devices can forget about eBook protection beyond withholding the full item until paid.

Properly protecting eBooks is really up to the author who needs to assess their market, usage and what is at stake should their eBook be copied and redistributed to all and sundry, and if they do want properly protect their eBook and their livelihood then there is a lot that can be done. 95% of all internet users have a Windows computer, and for Windows authors can use the most secure copy protection for their eBooks with or without the option of also applying user management to their eBook. Copy protection will protect an eBook's contents while it is open and user rights management will protect an eBook from forwarding to others and being redistributed without consent.

This most secure eBook protection is available as part of an all-in one service that also provides the means of converting and securing the eBook, designing a cover image for it, listing it online in a shopping cart, and managing sales by credit card. When listing your eBooks in the ArtistScope eBook Store you have total control over your customer access rights and document permissions from any computer in the world.

All-in-one eBook Store

The ArtistScope eBook Store is a free service hosted by ArtistScope to provide an all-in-one solution for authors wishing to sell and manage eBooks protected from copy and unauthorized use. From their control panel authors can create and manage all aspects of their eBook security, sales and delivery:

  • Upload original documents for conversion to copy protected eBook format
  • Add special conditions like print limits and expiration dates for a subscription
  • Create an advertising page and upload an image for the eBook's cover & thumbnail
  • Conduct sales online by credit card and manage delivery
  • Manage customer subscriptions, access rights and eBook permissions
  • Use the online eBook cover designer to create your cover art

Server-side software does everything for you from upload to delivery. When you upload your original document the server-side software will encrypt and convert it to copy protected format with the option of adding additional protection (DRM) to restrict unauthorized use by persons other than those who purchased your eBook.

After creating your protected eBook you can then create a web page to advertise it in the ArtistScope eBook Store which functions like a shopping cart for site visitors to explore and search for eBooks by topic, author and keyword. All eBooks are listed by category with a thumbnail and brief summary which a site visitor can click to view its main page that displays more information, full sized book cover and links to purchase your eBook online.

Total Control Management

You can manage your document distribution online from any computer in the world with total control and immediate effect even over eBooks that have already been downloaded to a user's computer. For example you can cancel a document or control whether it can be printed or how many times. You can even control how long it's available for and whom.

When DRM rights are assigned to documents they can only be opened by users authorized by the author (publisher). Unauthorized users cannot open these documents, thus making ArtistScope DRM for documents the best defense from unauthorized sharing and forwarding because if anyone sends copies of the file to other people the document will be useless to them unless they also have the same access rights granted by the author.

By maintaining control from our DRM portal authors are empowered with total control over all aspects of a documents properties and their user's permissions:

  • Restrict which users or groups can open which documents
  • Set expiry dates validated by either local computer time or by time server
  • Allow or limit the number of views by a user or group
  • Allow or limit the number of prints by a user or group
  •  Allow or limit access by IP number or network

ArtistScope DRM reduces the risk of exploitation by removing rights control from the user's computer and instead validating document permissions online. Unlike DRM solutions provided in the past there is nothing on a user's computer that can be exploited to remove DRM such as registry keys and certificates.

This means that by using ArtistScope DRM you can distribute eBooks or send a document to a client and maintain complete control while it's out in the wild - at any time you can stop that document from being viewed, and control whether it can be printed or how many times. You can even control for how long it's available and who can open the document. Any changes that you make in your Control panel will take immediate effect, even on documents stored on CD or already downloaded to the user's computer. Even if a client or user reneges on their agreement or payment, or if a document gets posted to a public web site, you can easily revoke the permissions of that user or disable the document.

Online Book Cover Design Tool

Authoring an eBook can create a work of art but then you need a book cover design to use in your promotions. The images that you use to promote your eBook are most important and usually the first thing that anyone sees when looking for any book.

Book cover images need to look good and the best author may not have any experience in design or working with images, which is why ArtistScope created a special book cover designer that works from a web page. Now anyone, even people with little to no design experience can, with the use of pre-made templates, create a clean professionally designed book cover design and generate both full sized and thumbnail images to use in their promotions.

Image upload and template selection

For background images you can upload your own images or select from an extensive clip art library. With images at your disposal all you then need to is select a template to use. templates can be pre-made with an existing design as a starting point or they can be loaded blank.

Book cover image quality and size

Unlike other book cover references, these images created by our eBook Cover Designer are in proper proportion to real paperback novel size. Each design can be saved for later use and each time a design is saved, the system creates 2 images... one for the cover art and another to use as a thumbnail.

Promoting your eBook in online stores

Most online book stores use what is known as a shopping cart, with items sorted into categories and searchable by title, author and keyword. To add your eBook to any shopping cart, you need images, and that's what our eBook Cover Designer is for. The images created by the system are large enough for any book catalogue, and of perfect proportions to use in sophisticated book catalogues like the one provided by ArtistScope.

The ArtistScope eBook Store

The ArtistScope eBook Store not only provides an online book store to advertise and sell your eBooks, but it also provides the option of utilizing the most secure copy protection solution, one that not not only protects the contents of your book from all copy, but it can also protect your book from onward forwarding and unauthorized distribution.

Free Downloads and Demo DRM Account

Download the CopySafe PDF software

Here you can download the free PDF Reader and a trial version of the PDF Protector:

CopySafe PDF Reader is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The language used in the software GUI can be changed at any time, independent of the language set for the computer.

Create a new DRM account

Use this form to create a new account. As soon as you validate your identity from the link sent by email, your new account will be accessible. New accounts start with DEMO status and are not moderated, however any account suspected as being false or misleading will be removed without further notice.

Demo accounts

All new accounts start as DEMO accounts with access to the DRM Portal for 14 days to evaluate the options available for the copy protection of eBooks. After 14 days DRM access will cease but the account can still be used in conjunction with the Book Cover Designer.

Author accounts

Full AUTHOR status can be achieved by either paying for the Hosted DRM Service, paying for the DRM Validation Service or by being a licensed user of CopySafe PDF in which case you should notify support to upgrade your account status.

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ArtistScope Site Protection Software (ASPS) is now supported on all OS and devices!

The CopySafe solutions provide the most secure copy protection for inmages, PDF and video, but a Windows conmputer is required to view the content. ASPS began as a Windows only solution but now that the ArtisBrowser is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Andoid and iOS, ASPS is the now best all round copy protection solution for online content, and the one solution most securely protects all media... anything displayed on the page is copy protected from all avenues of exploit!

Not only is the copy protection more secure due to ASPS creating a secure tunnel between website and the user's browser, it is much easier for site admins and tutors to use. Media is no longer required to be encrypted prior to upload and specially embedded onto pages. Now pages to be protected can be simply nominated from the settings page for the ASPS Tag Management plugin. Simply include keywords like "lesson, course, etc" for ASPS copy protection to be triggered for all pages including those keywords.

For more infrmation about ASPS, please visit the ArtistScope Site Protection page at